You Can Purchase Exclusive LEGOLAND Sets Online for the First Time

The LEGOLAND Lego Set, complete with dragon coaster.LEGO

Every year, LEGO produces exclusive sets only sold at LEGOLAND. If you can’t go, you can’t buy them. But right now, LEGOLAND locations have shut down thanks to the ongoing pandemic. And because of that, you have a rare opportunity—you can buy exclusive LEGOLAND sets online, with free shipping.

Of the sets available, the LEGOLAND Park set might be the most exciting. Modeled on LEGOLAND, it features the famous LEGO Dragon Coaster, the iconic glass tower (only seen at the Danish LEGOLAND), other rides, and even fun touches like a bathroom and baby changing station. Good for the whole family! The set is 1,336 pieces and usually costs $89, but the LEGOLAND site has it on sale for $66.

If a LEGOLAND recreation isn’t your cup of tea, you have other options too. You can pick up the LEGOLAND Train set, LEGOLAND Micro Castle, LEGOLAND Driving School, and LEGOLAND Fire Academy for $19.99 each. If you want to spend a little less,  the LEGOLAND Build Magnet set is just $9.99.

LEGO is offering free shipping on all the sets, and if you spend over $60, you’ll get a free LEGO Easter Egg. We doubt the stock will last long, and any other time, your best bet to buy one of these sets is a marked up resale on Amazon for a lot more money. So if you’ve wanted exclusive LEGOLAND sets but couldn’t make the trip, now is your chance.

Source: LEGO via The Brick Fan


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