Movies Anywhere’s Screen Pass Digital Lending Program Enters Open Beta

The Screen Pass app on an iPhoneMovies Anywhere

Movies Anywhere is working on a digital lending feature dubbed Screen Pass. With it, you’ll be able to lend or borrow digital films from a friend. Previously, the new feature was in closed beta, but now things are moving forward, and you can request to join the open beta. But you can’t lend every film in your Movies Anywhere library.

Screen Pass lets you loan digital movies to your friends. Naturally, there are some hefty restrictions. You can only lend out movies three times a month (though there’s no limit on how often you lend out a particular movie), and the recipient has 14 days to watch the film. Once they start, they have 72 hours to finish. After that, the digital copy leaves the library automatically.

And not every movie can be lent out. To start with, Movies Anywhere says you can pick from over 6,000 titles to lend. But you’ll find some notable exceptions, including Disney movies (an odd omission given Disney started Movies Anywhere).

Still, as DVDs fade away, the ability to lend or borrow digital movies is a welcome new feature. Screen Pass should fully launch later this year, assuming beta testing goes well.

Source: Movies Anywhere via The Verge


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