Amazon Stopped Accepting New Online Grocery Customers

A Whole Foods employee wearing a mask and restocking apples.Amazon

Right now, self-isolation and avoiding unnecessary trips to populated areas is the order of the day as the world battles COVID-19. But, groceries are a necessity, so people have turned to online orders and deliveries to minimize shopping trips. Amazon, through its Fresh and Whole Food division, has started putting new customers on a waitlist to cope with the surge in orders.

According to Reuters and The Next Web, Amazon has seen a 60% increase in online orders for groceries. The company recently bought Whole Foods to break into the grocery sector of the market, but it’s still relatively new to the game.

So it may not be a surprise to see the company is struggling to keep up with increased demand. The company only recently announced it would delay some Amazon Prime deliveries by up a month. In a statement issued to The Next Web, Amazon said it’s pausing new signups for grocery orders on Amazon Fresh and Whole Food apps. Existing customers can still order groceries as usual.

The company didn’t say how long it would pause signups for new grocery customers, but if and when it starts accepting them again, we’ll let you know.

via The Next Web


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