Apple Music’s Web-Based Player Leaves Beta

The Apple Music browser interface.

Back in September, Apple introduced a web-player to get to your playlists, songs, and albums from your browser. With it, you can still use Apple Music even if you can’t download the app. Now the company seems to be confident in the roll-out as it removed the Beta tag from the site.

If you’re familiar with the Apple Music app for Mac, you should be right at home with the web-based version. The look is very similar, and includes the “For You,” Browse,” and “Radio” tabs in an accessible sidebar.

First-time visitors will see a prompt to access a free trial, and if you’re a current subscriber, you can log in to access all your music. You can play full songs, add them to your library, and queue up any playlists you’ve made elsewhere.

Safari users will get a prompt to launch the Music App while Chome users will see prompts to open iTunes, so Apple still wants you to use the full interface. But if you’re on a computer that can download the Apple Music app (like a work machine with restricted install access), this is another great to get to your Apple Music subscription.

via Apple Insider


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