Google’s Latest Augmented Reality Tricks Bring Science to Your Home

A 3D representation of an animal cell imposed on the real world.Google

You can already have plenty of fun putting a tiger or a turtle in your home, thanks to Google Search. But now that same principle is about to get a whole lot more sciencey. You can now search for subjects like the circulatory system, animal cells, and museum items and see then in augmented reality.

Thanks to the update, you can forget trying to build a replica of cell structures and mitochondria with paper mache, just search for it in Google. Once you see the result, tap the “View in 3D” button, then “View in your space.” With some objects, like mitochondria, you can get an X-ray view for a full understanding.

Other objects, like an Apollo 11 spacesuit, you can place in your home to create a virtual museum. Google partnered with Visible Body and Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum to create the new AR options.

When you combine it with Google’s recent rollout to record AR videos on Android phones, creating science lessons for your kids at home just got a lot easier.

Source: Google via Engadget


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