Samsung Is Now Selling Its $1,999 Rotating ‘Sero’ TV

A Sero TV in portrait viewing mode.Samsung

If you always find yourself thinking, “if only my TV had a portrait mode,” Samsung has the product for you—the $1,999 Sero TV. It can mirror your phone and, in some cases, automatically rotate into a portrait position. The company announced the TV back in January, and you can buy it starting today.

The concept is straightforward, if not a little ridiculous. People often record vertical videos, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But TVs, with their widescreen setup, are ill-equipped to display that video. You end up with unsightly black bars.

The Sero TV solves that problem by rotating. Either at the push of a button or automatically to mirror your phone if you have a Samsung device. When you’re ready for regular content, it can rotate back again.

At $1,999, you aren’t getting a lot of screen real estate though, just 43-inches. But the integrated stand does feature a 4.1-channel, 60-watt front-firing speaker system, so at least it should sound better than most modern TVs.

You can buy the Sero today on Samsung’s site and in select retail stores.

via The Verge


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