Google Is Handing out Free Nest Hubs to Some Nest Aware Subscribers

A Nest Hub on a kitchen counter surrounded by spices.Josh Hendrickson

Good news for some Nest Aware subscribers, Google is sending out emails with a free Nest Hub offer to some users. The deal seems limited to anyone on the new $12 a month plan, so if you haven’t seen an email, that might be why. But maybe check your spam just in case.

Nest only recently rolled out an overhaul of its subscription plan, and the focus is on making owning multiple cameras more affordable. If you’re already on the old plans, you can stay on them, and there are compelling reasons not to make the switch.

But for anyone who did, that might be happy to find a free Nest Hub coming their way. If you get the email, you’ll go to Google’s store, go through the checkout process to buy a Nest Hub, and then use a code to make it free.

It’s not the first time Google handed out free goodies; in the past, we’ve seen Nest Minis go out free, without so much as a shipping charge. But if you have a Nest camera or Nest Hello, one of the standout features is Nest Hub integration. So getting a free one to take advantage sounds excellent.

When the emails first started going out, the codes weren’t working. But our own Justin Duino managed to use his code successfully late last night. So if you tried and failed, it’s worth trying again now.


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