YouTube Music’s new Explore Tab Hits the Web, Replacing the Hotlist Section

A screenshot of the YouTube Music Explore page.Google

Back in April, YouTube Music added an Explore tab to its mobile streaming app. The Explore tab is similar to Spotify’s Discover section and curates new releases based on your listening history. It also hosts playlists organized by mood and genre. And until today, it wasn’t available on the YouTube Music web player or Progressive Web App.

YouTube Music’s Explore tab replaces the website’s unpopular Hotlist section, which corralled new releases and music videos into one small space. Unlike Hotlists, the Explore page is well-organized and makes music discovery a breeze. It also makes suggestions based on your listening history, while Hotlists mostly made suggestions based on your location.

A screenshot of the Moods and Genres page.Google

And now that Explore is available on the web, YouTube Music is rolling out a Released playlist, which gathers the hottest songs each week. Released doesn’t pick music based on your listening history, but the similarly-named New Release Mix does.

Google just keeps improving the YouTube Music streaming service. If you’ve never visited the YouTube Music website, then I suggest that you take a peek. Anyone can use YouTube Music for free with ads, so long as they have a Google account. Should you choose to sign up, YouTube Music costs just $10 a month.

Source: YouTube Music via Android Police


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