This Chrome Extension Brings IMDb Show Ratings to Netflix

The TV Chart Chrome Extension showing ratings for each episode of The Punisher

Once upon a time, Netflix used an actually meaningful rating system to help users determine the general consensus on how good a show might be. Then, back in 2018, it moved to a much-less-useful thumbs up/down rating system. If you watch Netflix on your computer, however, the TV Chart Chrome extension brings IMDb ratings to the Netflix interface.

Once you install the extension, using it is easy peasy: just look for the little graph icon, which is next to the show’s details when you click or hover, then click it. You’ll be presented with a graph that shows each episode’s rating, and there are even settings to color-code the seasons for quick parsing.

A screenshot showing where to find the TV Chart details

It’s worth noting that it wasn’t super consistent in my testing—sometimes I had to close and reopen the show’s details menu before the graph button would show up. For the most part, however, it worked fine. You should also go into this knowing that it doesn’t work for movies, so you’re stuck with the thumb system. Sorry.

The Punisher show rankings

Like most Chrome extensions, TV Chart is free. Hit the button below to give it a whirl.

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