Walmart Will Open Drive-In Theaters in Its Parking Lots This Summer

A Walmart parking lot with a large theater screen.

With the ongoing pandemic, heading to the movie theater may seem like a risky proposition. Drive-in theaters are the perfect solution, except that they’re a rare beast to find. That may change, though, as Walmart plans to open up drive-in theaters in its parking lots.

The grocery giant announced the news via a tweet today, but it didn’t tell us much. Walmart says it will partner with Tribeca films, a film and television production company co-founded by Robert De Niro. In its tweet, Tribeca states that the theaters should show up in about 160 parking lots.

Walmart says there will be popcorn and beverage service, and that it’ll be family-friendly theaters. With everyone staying in cars, social distancing should be easier to maintain.

The pair of companies didn’t offer any more details, like timing, pricing, or movie showings, but we’ll keep you updated as the information becomes available. In the meantime, Walmart set up a drive-in website with promises of updates soon.

Source: Walmart via Techcrunch


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