The 8Bitdo Sn30 Pro xCloud Controller Brings an SNES Feel to Your Xbox

A 8Bito Sn30 Pro controller connected to an Android phone.

Microsoft’s upcoming xCloud game streaming service should launch later this year, but unlike Google Stadia, it didn’t have an official controller. You could buy some clips for your Xbox controller, but that’s not very portable. Now, 8Bitdo is here to help with a slim Xbox controller that takes inspiration from the SNES.

A closeup of the Sn30 Pro showing SNES controller like curves.
Hey! You got your Super Nintendo curves in my Xbox feels! 8Bitdo

8Bitdo says it worked with Microsoft to create the Sn30 Pro controller, and as such, it will be marked as an officially licensed compatible xCloud and Xbox controller. It’s thinner and sleeker than a traditional Xbox controller, and it’s hard not to see the device’s SNES styling.

But 8Bitdo did pack plenty of features into the package, including 18 battery life, USB-C for charging, and Bluetooth to work with most Android phones. It even comes with clips to attach your phone.

An 8Bitdo Sn30 Pro controller with clips attached to hold an Android phone.

Xbox purists (like myself) may balk some at the joystick placement though—on this controller, they are side-by-side like a Playstation controller, instead of having the left joystick above the D-pad. Still, it’s a small concession to get a small controller that works with xCloud.

8Bitdo is taking pre-orders on the Sn30 Pro today, and will release the controller on September 21st, 2020.

A Slim Xbox controller

Source: 8Bitdo via Gizmodo


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