Roku’s New Live TV Channel Guide Pulls in Your Premium and OTA Channel Feeds

A Roku TV with a TV Guide like interface.

Roku is already one of the best streaming media platforms you can add to your TV, and if you’re a cord-cutter, it’s about to get better. The company just added a Live TV Channel Guide that looks much like yesteryear’s TV Guide. But this guide pulls in feeds from premium subscriptions like Hulu and HBO and over-the-air (OTA) channels from an antenna.

Roku already offers free TV channels (and movies) in the Roku Channel, and the Live TV Channel Guide is a quick way to see what’s on those channels. But if you wanted to check out live content from Cinemax, Showtime, Starz, HBO, EPIX, or your OTA channels from an antenna, you had to turn to those sources.

The Roku Channel with a Live TV Channel Guide tile near the top.

Now, the Live TV Channel Guide is a one-stop station to see what’s on from any of those places. It will show live/linear content from your premium channels in one section, while live content from your antenna appears alongside Roku’s free TV offerings. The latter feature appears to be restricted to Roku TVs (at least for now).

Roku says the changes are live starting today, and you should be able to see them right now when you head to the Roku Channel. Just pick the Roku Live TV Channel Guide tile, which features prominently near the top.

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