Superhot’s Sequel Is Free if You Buy the Original Game Before July 16th

A screenshot of the Superhot website.
Superhot Team

What started as free DLC is now a full game. On July 16th, Superhot: Mind Control Delete will hit shelves with a cozy $25 price tag. But if you bought the original game (or buy it for $10 now), you’ll net the time-warping Superhot: Mind Control Delete for free.

Mind Control Delete is four times bigger than its predecessor and boasts some fancy new mechanics that take time-bending out of this world. It has new weapons, new enemies, and new environments to hack your way through. The current $10 sale price is a steal, so I suggest buying and playing the game now if you haven’t already.

Your free copy of Superhot: Mind Control Delete, should automatically appear in your Steam, Origin, GOG, PS4, or Xbox One library within a few days of its launch. Like its predecessor, Mind Control Delete works on PC, Mac, and Linux. If you bought a Nintendo Switch version of Superhot, then you can email the eShop receipt to Superhot Team to redeem a PC copy of the sequel.

Sadly, people who got the original Superhot for free through promotional programs (Humble Bundle, Xbox Games With Gold, etc) aren’t eligible for a free copy of Mind Control Delete. People who bought Superhot VR are also ineligible, and the the Super Hot team isn’t extending this deal to Stadia owners yet.

Source: Superhot Team via Kotaku


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