Shock ‘N’ Rock Grips Add Rumble to the Switch Lite (But You Gotta Wear Headphones)

A photo of the Shock 'N' Rock grips for the Nintendo Switch Lite.
Nyko Technologies

Unlike its big brother, the little Switch Lite lacks any internal motors for vibration feedback (or “rumble” if you’re a cool kid). If you want to feel the intense vibration of Smash Bros or Animal Crossing without using a wireless controller, you should consider buying Nyko’s Shock ‘N’ Rock grips.

Nyko’s $25 Shock ‘N’ Rock grip snaps to the Switch Lite’s back and sides. They’re cheap, portable, and they add a bit of ergonomic action to your Switch Lite’s slim profile. The Shock ‘N’ Rock grips also charge USB-C cable—the same type of cable that you use with your Switch Lite.

But Nyko’s shaky grips don’t provide a “genuine” rumble experience. Unlike wireless controllers, which pick up rumble commands over a Bluetooth signal, the Nyko Shock ‘N’ Rocks use audio as a rumble cue. They plug into the Switch Lite’s headphone jack and listen for any sound that might indicate a rumble, like the bang of a gun.

Admittedly, the Shock ‘N’ Rocks sound kind of janky. The grips have a pass-through audio jack for headphones, but you can’t listen to the Switch Lite’s speakers while the grips are plugged in. At $25, it’s the best compromise for rumble-loving Switch Lite gamers.

Source: Nyko via Gizmodo


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