Twitch’s Category for “Real” Sports Might Get Your Kids Into Basketball

A screenshot of the TwitchSports channel.

Twitch is already the king of livestreaming and esports, and it may be your next destination for live traditional sports. Twitch’s new category for traditional sports includes streams from European football teams, along with live games from the NBA, NHL, RFL, UFC, and NWSL.

To celebrate its commitment to IRL sports, Twitch is hosting a daylong showcase of all its upcoming sports content. The showcase features Major League Soccer star Jimmy Conrad with guest appearances from other sports personalities.

Amazon’s interest in traditional sports isn’t new. The company quietly gobbles up sports deals every few months, including deals with Thursday Night Football, Premier League soccer, and USA Basketball. Now that football clubs like Arsenal and Real Madrid are coming to Twitch, the platform is sure to make its mark as a serious “real” sports destination, especially for sports-hungry fans in the US.

The Twitch Sports showcase runs all day. At the time of writing, Twitch is streaming an NBA game from January 16th. It’s worth tuning in if you’re a cable-less freak like me!

Source: Twitch via The Verge


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