This Best Buy Deal Gives You up to $120 off WD External HDDs

Best Buy sale on WD external HDDs up to $120 off
Western Digital/Best Buy

Best Buy is currently running a terrific sale offering anywhere from $50 to $120 off Western Digital external HDDs. With options ranging from 4 up to 14 TB, the sale is the perfect opportunity to upgrade or expand your storage without destroying your wallet.

The discount is more generous for smaller external hard drives, with $120 off for the 4 TB option, though the option to save even $50 on a larger drive is still fantastic. The drives use USB 3.0 technology for fast data transfers up to 5 GB per second, but it can still connect to USB 2.0 ports so they’re great for using with older devices and make for an essential accessory for your home office.

Included in the box is the hard drive, software, a power adapter, and a USB cable. The drive itself measures 6.7 inches by 1.9 inches and weighs 2.26 pounds. It has a black finish, so it’ll blend in with your other electronics, and it can be used with Windows and Apple devices.


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