Movies Anywhere Now Lets You Watch With Friends Anywhere

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Movies Anywhere

Recently Movies Anywhere announced Screen Pass, a new feature that lets you share the movies you own with friends. Now it’s going a step further and letting you watch movies with friends no matter where they are—even if they don’t own the film.

Appropriately dubbed “Watch Together,” Movies Anywhere will let you create a room to watch a movie and invite friends to join. The room will sync the video for everyone watching, and you can even react to the film with emojis or requests to pause, rewind, or fast-forward.

If your friends don’t own the flick, you want to see together, that’s OK. Watch Together works with Screen Pass (if you’ve joined the beta), and so long as the film you want to share is eligible, you can lend a copy to your friend.

Four phones showing the process to share a movie, includign sharing a code over email.
Movies Anywhere

You’re limited to emoji reactions, though; if you actually want to talk during the movie (you monster), you’ll need to rely on a third-party service like Discord, Zoom, or a good ol’ phone call.

Watch Together already works on mobile, web, and most smart TVs, and all Movies Anywhere film titles are eligible. The one catch is that Screen Pass is still in beta, and not all movies are eligible to be lent to a friend.


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