Spotify Introduces Remote Listening Parties for Premium Subscribers

An illustration of Spotify's Group Session feature.

Listening parties give you and your friends the chance to share (and show off) your killer music taste. Now, Spotify is making it easy to host a real-time virtual listening party through its Group Sessions feature. Up to five friends can join a remote listening party through a shareable link and queue up music or podcasts in real-time.

Remote listening parties are an extension of the in-person Group Sessions feature that Spotify launched earlier this year. Like in-person Group Sessions, each member of a remote listening party can access playback controls for pausing, skipping, or queuing tracks.

Music or podcasts in a remote listening session stream simultaneously on each guest’s phone (or computer). But Group Sessions doesn’t have a built-in chatting feature, so it isn’t easy to use outside of group calls or video chats.

Group Sessions are only available to Premium subscribers. To start a remote listening session, pull up the Play screen (big album art) and select the Connect menu from the bottom left-hand corner of your display. Scroll down, and select “Start a group session.” You’ll see a shareable link to invite other Premium subscribers to your remote listening session.

Source: Spotify via The Verge


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