Google Makes Automatic Phone Backup Free for Everyone

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Two years ago, Google introduced “Google One,” a premium membership that added extra features to its ecosystems. With a Google One membership, you get premium support, expanded storage (up to 100 GB), family sharing, and automatic phone backup for your Android devices. But now, Google is making automatic phone backup free for everyone—even iPhone users.

You won’t need a Google One membership to take advantage of phone backup, or even an android phone. On iPhone, you can download the upcoming Google One iOS app to backup your photos, videos, contacts, and calendar events with Google, although it’s not automatic (at least not yet) for iPhone users.

On Android, the Google One app will let you store your automatically backup your phone for free. It’s more of a one-click process too, Google One takes the standard android backup data (texts, contacts, and apps) and adds in original quality photos, videos, and MMS messages. Whether you’re on iPhone or android, the only limitation is your Google Storage; everyone gets 15 GBs for free.

In addition to automatic phone backup, Google is introducing Storage Manager and making that feature free as well. Storage Manager will show you how much space you’re using across Drive, Gmail, and Photos, and see exactly what is taking up so much space. If you need to free up some room, Storage Manager will help with that too.

Naturally, if you need more cloud storage, you can always upgrade to a paid Google One account, which starts at $2 a month. The Google One app is out on Android today and will come to iOS soon.

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