Put Baby Yoda Ears on Your Echo Dot, You Must

Otterbox silicone Yoda Ears for the Echo Dot.

Otterbox wants to transport you to a galaxy far away with its Baby Yoda-inspired Echo Dot stand. It’s a soft non-slip stand that gives your Echo Dot a cute pair of Yoda ears! Fans of The Mandalorian can preorder the stand for $25 and expect delivery on August 20th.

This cute Baby Yoda stand is just one of many brand new Star Wars products available on Amazon. It sits alongside the LEGO Stormtrooper bust, the Star Wars Monopoly set, and a set of vintage-styled A New Hope action figures. I should also point out that Otterbox sells a Toy Story stand for the Echo Show 5, although it has nothing to do with Star Wars or The Mandalorian.

The Baby Yoda stand only works with 3rd generation Echo Dot smart speakers. If you aren’t sure which Echo Dot you own, just check what it’s made out of. The 1st and 2nd gen Echo Dot have a hard plastic exterior, while the 3rd gen Echo Dot is surrounded by a soft nylon material.

Source: Otterbox via Engadget


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