PopSocket’s FlexMount is a Bendy Little Spider With Your Phone for a Head

PopSockets FlexMount

PopSockets, the little pop-out phone grip that’s quickly becoming the 2020s version of POGs, has a surprisingly robust collection of add-ons that extend its functionality in really useful ways. The latest is the FlexMount, a bendy silicone thingamajig that clips onto a PopGrip and then stands up or grips whatever you want.

It looks goofy in a cute sort of way, especially if you opt for the pink (“Miami Sunset“) or orange (“Tangerine“) color options. The silicone-covered bendy wire can wrap around corners, knobs, and poles, or just sit up on your desk like a stand, clipping into the PopGrip on the back of your phone. The “hands” of the FlexMount also have little holes in the end, made for easily threading in a charging wire or headphone cable.

The FlexMount is a reasonable $20, now available in all three colors on the PopSockets website. It should be landing in retail stores soon.


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