LastPass Launches a New Security Dashboard for All Users, Password Monitoring for Paid Subscribers

The LastPass Security Dashboard on the web

LastPass users are getting some new security features to protect their most sensitive data with a couple of new additions to the service. To start, the company is launching the Security Dashboard for all users (both free and paid), as well as advanced password-monitoring tools for its paid subscribers.

The Security Dashboard Replaces the Security Challenge

Longtime LastPass users have undoubtedly seen the “Security Challenge” tool before. This feature let users quickly find weak or reused password and change them to more secure generated options from within the app. The new Security Dashboard will take the place of this in the app and offers a more straightforward and accessible place to find the same information. It will be available both on the web and in the app.

Paid Subscribers Get Password-Monitoring Tools

As part of the Security Dashboard, paid subscribers will also get access to a new “dark-web monitoring” tool. This works similarly to services like Have I Been Pwned to let you know if any of your passwords have been compromised and are available on more questionable parts of the web.

The password-monitoring tool will keep users privy to any leaks or breaches containing their passwords with automatically generated emails. These will show the site that was breached, and you’ll be able to change your password with a stronger option generated from within the app.

Overall, these are good features for LastPass users, and I’m glad to see the company be more proactive about user security—even if I have jumped ship to 1Password.

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