‘Surgeon Simulator 2’ Arrives August 27th, Pre-order Now to Play a Week Early

A screenshot from 'Surgen Simulator 2.'
Bossa Games

Scrub up and hit the operating room, because Surgeon Simulator 2 launches on August 27th. The new Surgeon Simulator features four-person multiplayer, a cast of wacky characters, and a level-creation system. Pre-ordering it from Epic Games guarantees that you can start cracking some ribcages on August 21st, a week before everyone else.

Surgeon Simulator 2 puts an emphasis on story, customization, and puzzle-solving gameplay. You spend a little less time behind the knife and a little more time exploring your operating room, throwing around furniture, and yelling at your friends for dropping important tools or body parts.

Bossa Games rolled out a limited Surgeon Simulator Beta on August 7th, so you can find plenty of gameplay on YouTube before you drop $25 on your pre-order. Epic Games also sells a $40 Surgeon Simulator Deluxe Edition with extra costumes and free access to future DLC.

Source: Bossa Games


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