Google Search Will Tell You Which Sports Games Are on Which Channel

Google sports search result

If you’ve ever tried to watch a bunch of NFL games without paying $200 a month to DirecTV, you know what a pain it is. As American sports come back in a diminished capacity, Google is making that search less painful. With the upcoming pro seasons, searching for a game will tell you where you can watch it.

It doesn’t seem to be working for every team. I searched “where to watch the Mavericks game,” and didn’t see the automatic boxes show up. (Possibly because there aren’t any more Mavs games until next week?) But when I used the Rangers, I got the results you see above. Things seem a bit slapdash at the moment, but it should get better as more people use it. It includes digital services (like MLB.TV) but should expand to more of them soon, obviously including YouTube TV.

Google is also adding similar functionality for standard TV shows, but in a more general way, tailoring dynamic results for queries like “what to watch” to specific markets and languages.

Source: Google Search Blog


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