The $60 Mobvoi TicWatch GTX Lasts up to 10 Days on a Single Charge

A Mobvoi TicWatch GTX on a man's wrist.

When the $120 TicWatch S2 arrived, we called it a poor wearable due to its dated hardware and reliance on Wear OS, a smartwatch OS so bad we’d regret spending $15 on a device powered by it. So what makes the $60 TicWatch GTX so interesting? Well, it abandoned Wear OS for one.

The TicWatch GTX sports a homegrown OS instead, and while Mobvoi isn’t giving us a name or a close look yet, it does list quite a few features. The TicWatch GTX promises ten days of battery life, heart rate tracking, sleep tracking, calls and notifications, 14 workout modes, watch face choices, and more.

A closeup of the TicWatch GTX

Thanks to its IP68 rating, you can exercise without any worries of sweat issues, and even better to you can go swimming with the watch and track that exercise too. It comes with a durable 20mm TPU watch that Mobvoi promises is comfortable, and the rounded watch face gives it an almost standard active watch look.

What we can’t guarantee yet is performance, due to the new OS at play. The spec aren’t anything to write home about, with just an RLC8762C (40Mhz) chipset and 16 MB of RAM, far below what Wear OS requires. But at $60, it comes in at a much lower price point than a lot of other smartwatches on the market.

Mobvoi is taking pre-orders for the TicWatch GTX on its site, and it’s even offering a 10% discount. The watch released September 3rd, and you can grab it from Amazon that day.


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