The Galaxy Note 20 Doesn’t Come with Earbuds, But You Can Request a Free Pair

The Galaxy Note 20 and S-Pen on a black background

Quick, open your desk drawer. Do you have four sets of unused earbuds from your last few phones? If not, you may be bummed to hear that Samsung doesn’t throw a set of ‘buds in the Note 20 box. But fret not dear music lover—you can still get a free pair from the ol ‘Sung.

It’s a pretty simple endeavor, too. If you’re in need of a probably-decent-but-definitely-not-great set of in-ear wired headphones, you can pop on over to Samsung’s support page and chat up a customer service representative. Let ’em know that you can’t live without your buds, and once you provide proof of purchase, they’ll ship them to your door for nary a penny.

Alternatively, if you’re the type who would rather chat on the phone than using a text box (is anyone really like this now?), you can call 1-800-Samsung. Again, just tell them you bought a Note 20 and you need speakers to stuff in your earholes. They’ll oblige.

As for what kind of earbuds they are, well, we’re not totally sure. Our friends at 9to5Google suggest that it’s probably the same set of AKG ‘buds that ship with the S20 and currently cost $30 directly from Samsung. I’d say that’s probably a fair guess.

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