Spotify Becomes an Exclusive Hub for ‘League of Legends’ Podcasts, Live Event Audio, Music

An illustration of the 'This Is League of Legends' Spotify playlist.
From the ‘This Is League of Legends’ Spotify playlist. Spotify

Spotify’s arsenal of exclusive content is growing in an unexpected direction—esports. The streaming platform and Riot Games are teaming up to bring exclusive League of Legends audio content to Spotify subscribers, including a podcast series and live event audio.

Riot Games and Spotify plan to launch multiple League podcasts, starting with a 9-part series of interviews called Untold Stores: Top Moments from Worlds. The premier League podcast launches sometime in the month leading up to the League of Legends World Championship on September 25th.

The decision to pivot toward esports may seem odd, but hey, League fans love audio content. The official League of Legends soundtrack racks up around 4.8 million Spotify streams each month, and the This Is League of Legends playlist is hugely popular among fans of the video game soundtrack genre. Live events like the World Championship accumulate millions of viewers each year (the 2019 championship saw 100 million viewers), and fans are often happy to listen to live audio without livestreaming video (like listening to a football game on the radio).

You can find Spotify-exclusive League content through the platform’s League of Legends Hub. There isn’t much content yet, but you can listen to a teaser for the official League podcast, Untold Stories: Top Moments from Worlds, or stream the popular This Is League of Legends playlist today.

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