Nomad’s $230 Base Station Pro Delivers on the AirPower Promise

Nomad Base Station Pro

Apple fans have long lamented the loss of the AirPower, Apple’s self-branded wireless charger that could handle an iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods, all placed anywhere on its surface. The gadget disappeared into development limbo, but several attempts have been made by others. Nomad’s shot is the Base Station Pro.

An extension of its existing premium charger line, the Base Station Pro can handle “up to three devices anywhere on its surface.” It tops out at 7.5 watts for wireless charging with its 18-coil matrix, which should be enough for the iPhone, but isn’t as fast as some Android phones can manage. It’s a beautiful-looking charger, covered in black aluminum and leather.

Nomad Base Station Pro exploded view

You’ll pay for the privilege. Nomad wants $230 for the Base Station Pro, easily more than any three wireless chargers. But based on our reviews of Nomad’s other mobile accessories, it should be worth every penny. The Base Station Pro is up for pre-order today, shipping in September.

Source: Nomad


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