Flipboard’s “TV” Video Service Is Now Available on All Android and iOS Devices

Flipboard TV in the Flipboard app

Remember Flipboard, the news aggregator service that takes stories on the web and puts them in a magazine-like interface? Well, it looks like the company is fully on the pivot-to-video train as it rolls its Flipboard TV service out to essentially all mobile devices.

If you haven’t heard of Flipboard TV before this very moment, you’re not alone. The service has been available exclusively on Samsung devices for some time, so it wasn’t exactly broad-reaching. That changes now, though, as Flipboard expands TV’s availability.

The feature is baked into the current Flipboard app, so you won’t need a separate app to check it out. It works pretty similarly to the app’s current format, anyway—videos show up throughout the app or under a separate Flipboard TV tab. You can add videos to current collections, or “Magazines” as they’re called on the service, as well as sort by topic.

The service is also introducing new publishers to TV with the wide rollout, including Complex Networks, Vice Media, and content from local TV stations (according to Engadget).

Flipboard TV will remain ad-based and free to all users save for Galaxy owners, who can choose to get rid of ads for $3 a month.

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