The Latest Windows Terminal Update Adds a Command Pallete and Tab Switcher

Microsoft Windows Terminal with a glassy look.

Microsoft released a new preview for Windows Terminal, and anyone who considers themselves a keyboard warrior (likely all heavy Terminal users) will like the latest features. In version 1.3, you get a command palette and an advanced tab switcher to make navigating your tabs easier.

Windows Terminal has come a long way since the drab look of Windows 7 and 8. These days it has themes, and you can add custom backgrounds, it supports tabs so you don’t need a dozen windows open, and Unicode, and it’s even open-source.

But it’s not perfect yet, and Microsoft isn’t ready to stop. In the latest Windows Terminal Preview, Microsoft added a command palette and advanced tab switcher.

The command palette allows you to call up all the commands in Windows Terminal with a quick keyboard shortcut. If you need additional commands, you can add them to a settings.json file, or use it to change the keyboard command for calling up the palette.

The advanced tab switchers will please keyboard fanatics as well, as you can easily switch tabs without using your mouse. Instead, Ctrl+Tab and Ctrl+Shift+Tab will let you move between next and previous tabs. Or you can use Ctrl+C to pull up a tab search to find a specific tab.

And to help keep your tabs organized, you can now assign colors to them for easy eye scanning. Check out Microsoft’s blog to get a full rundown on how to change settings and take advantage of the new features.

You can download the latest Windows Terminal Preview from the Microsoft Store.

Source Microsoft via Bleeping Computer


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