Become ‘The Mandalorian’ and Bring the Child Home in LEGO Form

A young Child playing with LEGO The Child

If you needed just one reason to subscribe to Disney+, then The Mandalorian has to be it. And sure, the name of the show suggests the Mandalorian is the star of the show, but we all know it’s actually Baby Yoda The Child. But what if you could bring The Child home? Soon you can, in LEGO form. The $79.99 LEGO Star Wars The Child is available for preorder today.

A closeup of the LEGO The Child build, with poseable ears.

At just under $80, The Child in LEGO form is surprisingly reasonably priced for a licensed set. You get 1073 pieces, so that works out to be a little under 8 cents a brick. And nearly all of them are dedicated to the 7.5-inch figure.

But it’s not a static figure you’re building. The LEGO Child’s head, ears, and mouth are poseable, so you can give him all the cute expressions you desire. He also comes with a little gear shift knob, his favorite toy from the Razor Crest.

A tiny little The Child minifigure next to an informational plaque.

Additionally, you get an informational sign about The Child (not that we know much about him), and a tiny little adorable The Child Minifigure. That Minifigure is so small he stands on a single stud. You can preorder The Child today, and it released October 30. Go preorder it now before it’s too late and sells out. This is the way.


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