Google is Killing Trusted Contacts, Removing the App Today

Trusted Contacts location sharing app for trusted family and friends

Google just announced via email that it will be removing its Trusted Contacts app from both Google Play and the Apple App Store today. However, it has put this same functionality into Google Maps with its Location Sharing feature, so you’ll still be able to share or track contacts that way.

Trusted Contacts was originally launched over three years ago as a way for people to remain aware of the location of their trusted friends and family members. Though the app is being removed today, Google will continue to support it until December 1, 2020, so you can still use it for another month or so.

Email text from Google about removing the Google Trusted Contacts app

You can also download any trusted contacts you’ve created from the Trusted Contacts page, before the December 1 cutoff. At that point, the app will no longer work for sharing or viewing locations. To continue seeing and sharing location updates after December 1, you can download the free Google Maps app on your iOS or Android device.

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