Google Search’s New AI Understands Your Sloppiest Tpyos and Misspellings

The new Search AI also uses context to try and answer questions faster. Google

Your sloppy Google searches are about to get a lot more accurate. Google is updating its Search AI with a contextual spellchecker, improved search ranking, and a “subtopics” system that delivers specific results for vague search queries.

Google’s improved spellchecker improves the accuracy of Search’s “did you mean” popup. Grossly misspelled words should snap into whatever word you meant to type, even if your search terms are  long or complicated. The contextual spellchecker shouldn’t make many mistakes, as it uses neighboring words and Search trends to figure out what you’re trying to search.

Other improvements to Search include improved search rankings and the new subtopics system. Both of these updates scan webpages and articles for information related to your search. A search for “how do I determine if my windows are UV glass” may include a passage from a website, saving you from clicking through to find the answer to your question. Searching for something vague like “best winter boots” activates the subtopics system, which sorts information into categories like “best budget option” or “best premium option.”

Google is unrolling its updated Search AI now. You may start to notice more precise search results for niche topics, although only the sloppiest typists (myself included) will notice Google’s improved spellchecking.

Source: Google via TNW


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