Sony Cameras Now Work as Webcams for Macs, Too

Sony Alpha 6100 webcam

Back in August, Sony released a driver program to allow its cameras to be used as webcams on Windows 10, solving at least a small part of the webcam shortage that’s been going on since the pandemic forced millions into remote work. It took a little extra time, but now that driver program is available for Apple Mac computers as well.

Imaging Edge software works for most of Sony’s most recent cameras, including the Alpha DSLR and mirrorless series going back to the 5100, plus fifteen DSC-HX, RX, and WX point-and-shoot models and the ZV-1.

To use it, you’ll need a compatible camera (full list at the download link), a USB cable, and MacOS 10.13 or later. It should be a hefty upgrade over any standard webcam, assuming that you can place your camera far enough away from your face to get it in frame.

Source: Sony via MacRumors


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