Cosmo, the Adorable Programable Robot Tank, Is Back From the Grave

A little tank robot stacking blocks.
Digital Dream Labs

Back in 2018, Anki released an adorable tank-like programable robot named Cosmo you could bring home. It followed Cosmo up with Vector, a robot with more character. And then Anki went bankrupt, killing the two robot’s personalities. But good news, a new company named Digital Dream Labs brought them back from the dead, and now it’s ready to take pre-orders for Cosmo 2.0.

Cosmo 2.0 looks very much like the original, which is good as the design itself was fairly close to perfect. But Digital Dreams did make some welcome improvements, including better battery life, better cameras, and a full-color display.

Cosmo used the cameras for object detection and to recognize people, and his display served as his eyes and means of expression. But on the outside, he retains his stark white and happy look and forklift arms. What’s not clear is if he comes with a cube for play and interaction.

Digital Dream Lab says Cosmo 2.0 will come with Coding Curriculum, a replacement tread pack, and a limited edition sticker pack for anyone who pre-orders the robot. The company is taking pre-orders now and promises to deliver Cosmo 2.0 to your home as early as May 15th. If you pre-order today, you’ll spend $197, saving you just under $23.


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