Thomas Kinkade Studios Now Sells Limited Edition ‘The Mandalorian’ Paintings

Thomas Kinkade Studios' painting 'Child's Play,' featuring Baby Yoda.
Thomas Kinkade Studios

And just like that, the cutest things in the galaxy are joining forces to drain your wallet. Thomas Kinkade Studios now sells limited edition paintings based on The Mandalorian, including a super cute painting of Baby Yoda.

Kinkade Studios’ The Mandalorian collection captures iconic scenes from the hit show in sequential order. The first painting in the collection, called Child’s Play, features Baby Yoda in the farming village where he and the Mandalorian hide from raiders. The second painting, The Mudhorn, shows Mando and Baby Yoda facing a Mudhorn, while the third and fourth paintings (The Escort and Turning Point) depict key moments that might count as spoilers.

This isn’t the first time Kinkade Studios has depicted the Star Wars franchise. The studio sells an extensive collection based on the Star Wars movies, with epic depictions of Rey, Obi-Wan, and The Battle of Hoth. Kinkade Studios has a long relationship with Disney and sells hundreds of Disney collectibles.

Interestingly, this is the first collection published by Thomas Kinkade Studios to include the actual artist’s signature. Other paintings from the studio use a printed “Thomas Kinkade” signature, as the artists who study Kinkade’s style produce paintings that are indistinguishable from the late artist’s work.


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