Nvidia Shield TV Adds Supports for Xbox Series X/S and PS5 Controllers

A Nvidia Shield TV next to a Nvidia Shield TV Pro and controller.
Michael Crider

The Nvidia Shield TV is one of the best Android TV devices on the market, and it’s always getting better. Despite the name, gaming is among its best features, whether through apps or streaming. Nvidia just released an update that improves on that by adding Xbox Series X/S and PS5 controllers support.

The update is out now, so all you need to do is make sure you have. If your Shield didn’t already pick it up, do a check for updates. After that, pairing is super easy. Just start Bluetooth pairing and then either hold the PlayStation and Share/Clip button until light pulses blue or press and hold the Xbox pairing button until the Xbox button blinks.

The process is similar to adding the controllers to their respective consoles. After that, you can use the controllers with any games that support them, even through NVIDIA’s game streaming service.
In addition to game controllers, NVIDIA also added support for Control4’s home automation system. You can use Control4’s remote or app to navigate the Shield and launch apps.

Source: NVDIiA


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