How to Mute Your PS5’s Audio Using a DualSense Controller

A person holding a Sony PlayStation 5 DualSense Controller
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Need to quickly mute your PlayStation 5 (PS5)? Don’t reach for your TV remote! There’s a quick and easy way to quickly mute all PS5 audio straight from your DualSense controller. Here’s how.

All you need to do to mute your entire system is to simply hold the Mute button on your DualSense controller for several seconds. It’s the horizontal button underneath the PlayStation Button (which is used for turning on and pairing the controller) and above the microphone icon that has a slash through it.

Press and hold the Mute button to mute all audio.

The Mute button will begin pulsing orange, which means that all PlayStation audio has been muted. This shortcut works with all PS5 audio coming from any source, including headphones, TV speakers, AV receivers, and soundbars. However, this method won’t mute the audio if you’re using a DualSense controller with a PC.

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Keep in mind that just tapping the Mute button will only mute the DualSense controller’s built-in microphone. If you’ve done this, the Mute button will light up a solid orange rather than pulse orange. You’ll need to hold the button to activate the full system mute.

To unmute your PS5, simply tap the Mute button again, or press the PlayStation button to bring up the Control Center. Then, from the bottom row, select the “Sound” option.

Select "Sound"

Once the pop-up appears, select “Turn Off Muting.”

Select "Turn off Muting"

That’s it! Enjoy the sweet silence of your muted PS5.

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