How to Change the Background in Microsoft Planner

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Microsoft Planner is a useful work manager, but out of the box, it’s very plain and impersonal. Give your plans a little more life and color by adding a background from Microsoft’s selection of Designer-chosen images.

Planner is—like a lot of modern software apps—dominated by white backgrounds. We’ve shown you how to change logos and add emojis, but the background can also greatly change the appearance of your plan.

To change the background in Microsoft Planner, first, open your plan, click the three-dot icon at the top of the plan, and then select “Plan Settings” from the drop-down menu.

The "Plan settings" menu option.

A panel will open on the right showing the backgrounds that you can choose from.

The suggested backgrounds you can choose from.

Select a background image and your plan will immediately change to use that photo.

A selected background image.

Unfortunately, you can’t upload your own image or search for a photo.

The only way to update the list of available backgrounds is to change the name of your plan, which will generate a fresh set of images.

A different set of background images.

You’ll have to settle for one of the options you’re given, but at least it’ll be better than the default white background that Microsoft Planner comes equipped with by default.

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