You Can Now Purchase the LEGO Medieval Blacksmith Set on Amazon

Front and rear views of the box for LEGO's Medieval Blacksmith set

The exciting Medieval Blacksmith set sprang from humble roots from a LEGO Ideas pitch (which quickly reached 10,000 followers) to remaining sold out on LEGO’s site since January. Now, LEGO has made the set available to purchase on Amazon.

With iconic architectural touches, a blossoming apple tree and squash patch, weapons, and the included minifigures (which includes an assortment of animals), the Medieval Blacksmith set is a ton of fun to look at. But the real fun begins when you remove the roof and the top two levels of the , which reveals the cottage’s basement blacksmith work area—complete with bellows, a furnace, and a stone-framed door that the blacksmith’s customers can use. 

The set is currently available to purchase now directly through LEGO Store on Amazon, and is eligible for one-day shipping. Sets derived from LEGO Ideas tend to sell out quickly, though, so don’t wait too long to purchase yours.

Now Available on Amazon

LEGO Medieval Blacksmith

This popular LEGO set features a blacksmith’s cottage and work area, along with fun medieval architecture, and some plants and animals.

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