Samsung’s New SD Cards Are Optimized for 4K Video

Samsung EVO Plus SD and MicroSD cards.

Using a slow, poorly-made SD card for professional video is a big no-no. Not only will you spend forever waiting for 4K videos to transfer to your computer, but you’ll risk losing files as your SD card falls under the strains of wear and tear. The solution? Samsung’s new line of EVO Plus and EVO PRO Plus SD and microSD cards.

Made for videographers, photographers, and other content creators, Samsung’s new EVO Plus and EVO PRO Plus cards transfer files at high speeds, feature enhanced durability, and include a 10-year warranty. They’re available in capacities up to 512 GB and, to our surprise, they all cost less than $100.

Samsung EVO Plus microSD card and adapter for regular SD card slot.

So let’s talk speed. The EVO Plus microSD cards transfer at 130 Mbps, while the PRO Plus microSD cards run at up to 160 Mbps. Those speeds also apply to the standard-sized EVO Plus and PRO Plus SD cards, though the low capacity PRO Plus cards (32GB and 64GB) run at just 100 MBps, for whatever reason.

Samsung went ham on the durability features in these cards, providing protection against water, extreme temperature, X-Rays (airport security checkpoints use X-Ray), magnets, drops, and general wear and tear. The larger SD cards also sport impact protection.

You can order Samsung’s new EVO Plus and PRO Plus SD cards now on the company’s website. At least, that’s what Samsung says. At the time of writing, only the new microSD cards are available to order.


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